Over the last few months we’ve been busy rebranding and have renamed ourselves Almondbury, Lepton and Fenay Bridge business and community association (ALF for short!)

We hope our new name and logo is more representative of the three villages, which have always been the focus of our energies.

Our collection tins have been rebranded but the cause remains the same, raising much needed funds for initiatives in Almondbury, Lepton and Fenay Bridge. 

If you have any spare change and see the tins when you are out and about, please give what you can as every little helps.

We are also in the process of finalising our new website –

If you are a business owner in Almondbury,  Lepton or Fenay Bridge you can join ALF and be featured on the site. Please email to find out how.

As a group of volunteers, recent initiatives we have undertaken include purchasing and installing Christmas lights for Lepton, organising a Lepton Christmas Lights Celebration event, reinstalling Christmas lights for Almondbury including an Almondbury Christmas Lights Celebration, installing a mosaic in Almondbury as well as CCTV for Almondbury village.

We have many ongoing costs throughout the year and we always need donations to be able to continue to provide CCTV, Christmas lights and switch on events that so many people enjoyed this year.