During lockdown, local resident and NHS worker Liz Howes asked if Almondbury would be interested in having her produce a bespoke mosaic for the village. Following great enthusiasm from members of the community, Liz set to work, creating a 5ft x 5ft mosaic masterpiece of Castle Hill.

Due to the weight and nature of the creation, various partners became involved in trying to secure a permanent home so Liz’s work could be admired for all to see.

Funding for the project came from local councillor Bernard McGuin and Almondbury, Lepton and Fenay Bridge business and community association.



Many sites were considered, assessed and ultimately, once planning permission including a heritage assessment was obtained, the central village location was chosen for maximum benefit to all.

We would like to say a special thank you to local resident John Robertson of Desmo who has been instrumental in arranging the frame build in a way in which Kirklees would approve, and to other volunteers from the business and community association who have helped with this project. 


Mosaic designer Liz Howes said; “I hope you all enjoy the mosaic as much as I enjoyed designing it. Castle Hill is a big part of our history and our future. Can I take this opportunity to thank Bernard William McGuin and the Almondbury business and community association for all their hard work getting the mosaic up in the village”.


Pictured left to right: Cllr Bernard McGuin, John Robertson of ALF, Mosaic creator Liz Howes, Jake Surmanc chair of ALF.