We are extremely delighted to announce the CCTV installation has taken place in Almondbury village.This project has been a few years in the making and we are very grateful for the work of ALF volunteers and the funding received from the general public for their help in making this happen.With thanks to our three local councillors who have contributed £8,000 from their budgets towards this. And to the general public who have donated via ALF collection tins and individual business fundraisers.With thanks to those who donated via our JustGiving page and other events such as our Elf Trails, Bunny Trail and our two Scarecrow Festivals. All these contributions have helped significantly in raising funds so the CCTV can be installed.Moving forward, there will be some help needed towards running costs such as electricity, insurance and maintenance charges. ALF will have a better idea once year one of the installation is complete, but for now we are very excited for the launch of the much anticipated CCTV to go live!