About us

Almondbury, Lepton and Fenay Bridge business and community association has been established for over four years, with our main driving focus being to support and promote local.We are a dedicated group of volunteers who live and work in the villages of Almondbury, Lepton and Fenay Bridge and have a shared passion to support and the wonderful array of businesses and communities in which we are based.Our committee meets once a month and we encourage people to reach out and join us at our meetings, in order to share knowledge and skills.  We are grateful to have a friendly and growing network of committed supporters who share our aspirations for the area.Some recent successes during 2022 include a fundraising calendar, CCTV for Almondbury village which has assisted police with their enquiries, the installation of a handmade mosaic, the installation of Christmas lights and a second successful Christmas lights celebration event in Almondbury village.In Lepton, we successfully fundraised to purchase and install Christmas lights as well as organise a Lepton Christmas lights celebration.During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee we also ran a successful Corgi Trail, which increased footfall across all three villages.As a group of volunteers, we rely on fundraising in order to be able to achieve our objectives, organise events and support special projects, as well as cover ongoing costs such as maintenance of CCTV and installing and storing Christmas lights. By becoming a business or community member for as little as £30 per year, you can make a difference and support what we do.